Is The Vaccine Safe? | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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Phase 2 of vaccination is open since 1st March for all over 60yrs and 45yrs + with serious health conditions. Go ahead and get vaccinated
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  • Sneh Rana
    Sneh Rana

    Vaccine is not safe .this is plan for Agenda 21 depopulation 2030...

  • Aditya Naik
    Aditya Naik

    Prajakta how do you post so many videos, like on Saturday, Tuesday and etc. First you have to prepare for the topic of the video, then you have to shoot it then you have to edit it and then post it, so you need a lot of time. How do you manage all this

  • srushti gharat
    srushti gharat

    Thank you for this talk❤️😊👍

  • Ben Arya
    Ben Arya

    Distance m

  • Ben Arya
    Ben Arya

    Precaution lety rhena mumbai m jada ho rha h

  • Monali Patil
    Monali Patil

    Very informative video, thanks a lot, love you Praju❤️❤️

  • akshay patil
    akshay patil

    corono will never go

  • Untamed Artist
    Untamed Artist

    16:50 look at Prajakta's Face. She was having a hard time doing simple maths 🤣

  • Gurleen

    She is looking so beautiful n pretty ❤️😍🥰🙈🦋🌻🌈...

  • Mohit Goswami
    Mohit Goswami

    Super informative and an incredible initiative taken by her

  • Tanmayee Dash
    Tanmayee Dash

    I hv a question in my mind about Vaccin..really thanks to you..already vaccines are in market.. Now also we are confused so let's know now... I love ur all i interviews.specialy wd hrithik and Vidya ji. ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Nutan Chandrakar
    Nutan Chandrakar

    Have you taken vaccine ma'am?

  • anjali patil
    anjali patil

    Even with vaccine you can be a carrier of virus and chances are still you can catch it.It is not full proof yet!

  • Divya Manek
    Divya Manek

    He should talk in hindi.... Everyone are not understanding... And his voice is so low... No doubt info.. Is up to date but he hasn't the laity of voice andu should have given subtitles or have told him fluent hindi

  • بتول کانچوالا
    بتول کانچوالا

    I am on immuno suppression medication..can I have dis vaccination???

  • Hitesh Sharma
    Hitesh Sharma

    Is your next video, If viruses were people ?

  • Humming Tales
    Humming Tales

    Should we get vaccinated if we were already infected recently or even sometime earlier?

  • Ketki Patil
    Ketki Patil

    This video is a need of the time ! I also loved the way you said " it's stupid virus " . I guess I also understood what he was trying to explain 😉😉 . Hats off to whatever you are doing 👍👍 ! Thanks

  • Manav Punjabi
    Manav Punjabi

    very informative video Veryyy good 👍👍👍👍

  • Souptick Chakraborty
    Souptick Chakraborty

    Crocodile🐊 🤔🤔🤔

  • Golden King
    Golden King

    I love you so much prajakta😘😘, its true love😍😍😍...plzzz reply me😍😍😘🥰

  • Fgghh Tyyhh
    Fgghh Tyyhh

    Can u please tell a person diagnosed with cancer in 2017 and also having diabetes...can take vaccine??? Please reply....urgent!!!

  • Dinesh K Dinu
    Dinesh K Dinu

    Doctor's voice is low. Can't hear clearly.

  • BeActive Behappy
    BeActive Behappy

    0:27 she was gonna take his name but then couldn't control laughter 😜😜😅😂😂

  • Vasant Kamble
    Vasant Kamble

    Hii Paja[पजा] tai I am Saudnya. Kashi aahes g?........Me mast Choose your favourite one from these👇👇👇 1•Bollywood or Marathi movies. 2•Vicky kaushal or kritik roshan. 3•Golgappa or Puran poli. 4•Kolhapur or Pune. Please last one.. What is your dream destination? ~~LOVE YOU AS YOU LOVE US AND YOUR VIDEOS TOO~~ काळजी घे तुझी आणि तुझ्या कुटुंबाची♥️ #sawaalsaturday..with mad dumdums.♡♡

  • Wendy Gracias
    Wendy Gracias

    This was a very informative video.

  • Urshita Singh
    Urshita Singh

    i saw the same doc in sejal's video also

    • Shristi Mukerjee
      Shristi Mukerjee

      WTH.. no one can COPY a doc. Everyone n every INlabelr specifically has the right to interview who ever they wish to n have a permission to. So that's that. This isn't an appropriate approach. Good day to you.

  • Nilima Bhosale
    Nilima Bhosale

    #SawaalSaturday Montu ke character ka idea kaise aaya? Or was it inspired by any of your cousin brother.😊 BTW di i am a big fan i started watching u when I was 9 i am now 13 . U are such a inspiration for young girl's like me ❤️


    Amazing session..... should reach to more people.

  • Ananya Medha
    Ananya Medha

    Mostysane is a very unique channel..... Prajakta is very talented, artistic, fabulous, interesting and many words to describe her.... Love you so much.... Keep it up

  • Lata NP
    Lata NP

    #sawalsaturday - have you parents had any objections when you confessed about your boyfriend - have you ever googled about yourself Please answer I am your huge fan ❤️😚❤️ Love You Alot P ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Lata NP
    Lata NP

    #sawalsaturday - have you parents had any objections when you confessed about your boyfriend - have you ever googled about yourself Please answer I am your huge fan ❤️😚❤️ Love You Alot P ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    • Urshita Singh
      Urshita Singh

      Put this in her next sawaal Saturday video which will release today Excited to watch

  • Nilima Bhosale
    Nilima Bhosale

    #SawaalSaturday Montu ke character ka idea kaise aaya? Or was it inspired by any of your cousin brother.😊 BTW di i am a big fan i started watching u when I was 9 i am now 13 . U are such a inspiration for young girl's like me ❤️

  • ansh Jaiswal
    ansh Jaiswal

    Thankyou Prajakta Di for sharing this Valuable information with all of us. We all were just trusting myths these days but today you gave us complete information regarding this vaccine. My all the doubts has been cleared now. Thankyou Sooo Muchh...🙏 We all Love you...❤️ Keep Going Di...👍

  • namita mardia
    namita mardia

    Those who have already gone through covid, do they also need to take the vaccine immediately

  • Nilima Bhosale
    Nilima Bhosale

    #SawaalSaturday Have u ever thought of leaving INlabel because of the problems u were facing in your life? BTW di i am a big fan i started watching u when I was 9 i am now 13 . U are my inspiration ❤️

  • Gauri Karve
    Gauri Karve

    Such a great video, Prajakta! Very nicely covered 👍🏻👌🏻

  • Saumya Bhosale
    Saumya Bhosale

    She is amazing , she is versatile , she is mature. Anyone can't stop appreciating her ,she is best.❤️❤️👍

  • Pri On The Beat
    Pri On The Beat

    Yes the vaccine is totally safe my mom just took first dose of the vaccine after 28 days she will take the second dose she is totally fine and in good health condition those who are worried regarding this i just want to say them that dont worry its totally safe


    Is the vaccine safe for people with asthma.

  • Neelima G
    Neelima G

    How we will get update about vaccine and wen they will certain age group

  • Fadiya Fazal
    Fadiya Fazal

    #sawaalsaturday Hey its me fadiya from kerala.Thankyou for choosing my question❤️ I want to know when you were a teenager , did you ever felt that is this my actual goal or aim OR will I ever enjoy this work . I am in 12th right now and just going to give my boards in a month . And I have a goal but I am half hearted about it and I don’t know what I love 💔 I am in that situation where I actually can’t even see any roads to choose. Feeling helpless. Thought of sharing with you🥺😍I hope you might help me out 🥰

  • Vidhi Goyal
    Vidhi Goyal

    I have seen the video of both prajakta and sejal,with the same director 😊😊😇😇

  • Priyanka Paul
    Priyanka Paul

    This was so informative. Thank you for the help ❤️

  • World of RIYAD
    World of RIYAD

    My dad got the vaccine since he is in the medical department and now he is good

  • Ashi Gupta
    Ashi Gupta

    same location, same clothes, same setup, same video out with sejal today! who copied whom ?

  • Regina Phelange
    Regina Phelange

    Wow....she is amazing

  • Preeti Jain
    Preeti Jain

    Sometimes she laughs like montu

  • Unnati Daryani
    Unnati Daryani

    Must needed🙇🏻‍♀️

  • Nilima Bhosale
    Nilima Bhosale

    #SawaalSaturday Have u ever thought of leaving INlabel because of the problems u were facing in your life? BTW di i am a big fan i started watching u when I was 9 i am now 13 . U are my inspiration ❤️ Love u Cutie di❤️

  • Afia Fatima
    Afia Fatima

    #SawaalSaturday Hi Prajakta! Hope you are fine! I have so many questions to ask!! 1) How did you come by this name 'MostlySane' 2) Your favorite Harry Potter book? 3) Your favorite Bollywood movie? 4) The three things you look forward to everyday? 💕💕Why are you so beautiful and intelligent?? I love your work you are so inspiring!!🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Chahat Hasija
    Chahat Hasija

    #SawaalSaturday How are youuuuu, prajakta? Thankyou I'm good because of you. (Iykwim) Would you rather questions here👇 Getting away with lying or Always knowing that someone is lying? Would you go to your job with a piece of letus stucked between your teeth or not be able to brush your teeth before going on a date? Would rather have hiccups for rest of your life or always feel like you have to sneeze but you not able to? Would you rather have a parmanent clown face or parmanent clown clothes? Would you rather smell like eggs when you burp or have a green cloud appear when you fart? Rather Give up bathing for a month or internet for a month? Would you find your turu love or a suitcase w 5crores in it? Would you rather loose all of money and valuables or all of the pictures you've ever taken? Would you rather have explosive diarrhoea or would have a bowl of poop at once? Rather be sticky for rest of your life or itchy for rest of your life? Eat a sandwich dunked in coffee or have a coffee having salt in it? Love from Delhi. - @insane_for_mostlysanee (Mrinalika, chahat)

  • Vishwanath Gaikwad
    Vishwanath Gaikwad

    U r such a great ❤️ mtlb tum pehle sirf normal thi n see now kisse pata tha that u will be India's biggest female youtuber 👍👍

  • o kadam
    o kadam

    I was skeptical of taking vaccine for my parents but now I myself taking my parent to get vaccinated thanks prajakta and sir 🙏

  • offical jass
    offical jass

    Alreay got my 2nd dose on 20th feb.. 😁 #proude_to_be_nurse

  • Shagun Agarwal
    Shagun Agarwal

    #sawaalsaturday Hey Prajakta dii...... I m Shagun ❤️ Hope you are fine, I m doing great (In case you really picked my question and asked me ) My questions are that...... *Which are some of your favourite videos? (which you made) *If you could ask any Harry Potter character one question, what would it be? Congratulations for everything you achieved ( the list is quite long) Loads of love 💓

  • Rathod Harshita
    Rathod Harshita

    Thanks alot prajkta for this without 🙏....

  • Chaitrali Nevse
    Chaitrali Nevse

    U r doing such good work .I get my vaccine done but so many people don't know about vaccine more . Tysm for doing this awareness 💓.

  • Ananya M R
    Ananya M R

    First time where some youtuber is speaking about it! Respect++

  • Gopal Krishnan
    Gopal Krishnan

    #SawaalSaturday DiDi please tell about your relationship from childhood till now?

  • Gopal Krishnan
    Gopal Krishnan

    DiDi is the best

  • Siddhi Sengar
    Siddhi Sengar

    What about today's video when are u going to upload di... Pls upload

  • Anand dugar
    Anand dugar

    Thank you for caring for us and thanks alot to the air also It was useful and we hope we get rid of this odd situation

  • Kirti Dhanuka
    Kirti Dhanuka

    It is so helpful and would be much more helpful with english subtitles for those who are not able to understand hindi. I shared this with my moroccon friend 😛 and i have to help her where in hindi.

  • Parthav Jani
    Parthav Jani

    She is so good and so kind

  • Rachita .B
    Rachita .B

    Irony: The most needed and most important conversation that can bust myths lurking around vaccines has very less views as compared to funny ones. This has to be viral !!!

  • Chaitri Dave 10th-Red
    Chaitri Dave 10th-Red

    My final exams are going on,and my mother and sister tested positive,my exams are online and my other friends giving offline,my friends told u r so lucky,but me and my father knw it's hard to handle coz of so many grandfather is 83 years old.have to take care of my grandfather mother and my sister,tht's hard..😢

    • Niyati Joshi
      Niyati Joshi

      Hare krishna bless uh :)

  • Parul Sharma
    Parul Sharma

    Hey...Im 30+ and I am also your avid follower. 😊

  • Suyash Biyani
    Suyash Biyani


  • Mugdha Mahindrakar
    Mugdha Mahindrakar

    He is expalining it sooooo nicely. Thanks prajakta

  • Arnav Choudhary
    Arnav Choudhary

    It's really fantastic to see the way she carried the whole interview. It was fantabulous!


    Do you love bts ? I recently saw your ig story of their song?! If yes, who's your bias? #SawaalSaturday


    Do you love bts ? I recently saw your ig story of their song?! #sawalsaturaday


    Hey di

    • Abhay Jagtap
      Abhay Jagtap


  • Bt Doe
    Bt Doe

    V a c c I n is actually a scam from the elite. There is no virus that you "catch". They want all to be permanently sick and tracked.

  • Priyamvada Yele
    Priyamvada Yele

    Hii dii. I am Priyamvada Its my Birthday on Tuesday (16march) It will be a pleasure for me as i am going to be 15teen😇😇😇 #SawaalSaturday


    Vaccine lo And Tv news covid k related dekhna hamesha k liye bund karo Use mask Hand wash No covid Love u guys❤️


    PRAJAKTA 💗 Great job Thankyou sir ❣️ Yea government ko karna chahiye tha To make people comfortable And anxiety is the main point It is not vaccine

  • Sneha Kale
    Sneha Kale

    woooow....this was much much-needed video. I would like to say a big thank you for making this video,

    • Abhay Jagtap
      Abhay Jagtap

      Hii sneha

  • Radhika Verma
    Radhika Verma

    Not only entertaining the audience but also making everyone aware about the important info!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Anjali Mishra
    Anjali Mishra

    Hey Prajakta, thank you for this video.. No offence but I think it’s panda not paanda..

  • sanjaykomal

    Thanks Prajakta & Mr Panda...very informative video.

  • V C
    V C

    I am very grateful to you because you could just make another entertainment video, but you have invested your precious time to give effort to spread awareness about Covid 19 and answer all questions.

  • dreamer_2619

    I m fascinated by ur all videos .😍🥺. And this is such.✨ A meaningful teachful content.🤓✌️ Thanks for making videos...😊 Happy Mahashivratri..😘❤️

  • Raghav Pande
    Raghav Pande

    Propaganda machine is strong. ..Best of luck injecting synthetic RNA into your immunity cells...You don't need a vaccination for something which has 99.9 recovery rate ! "In 1976, an outbreak of the swine flu, influenza A virus subtype H1N1 at Fort Dix, New Jersey caused one death, hospitalized 13, and led to a mass immunization program. After the program began, the vaccine was associated with an increase in reports of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, which can cause paralysis, respiratory arrest, and death. The immunization program was ended after approximately 25% of the population of the United States had been administered the vaccine.

  • Sushant Chiramana
    Sushant Chiramana

    Hey, I know Dr Panda. We've know each other for 3 years

  • Kali rajan
    Kali rajan

    Every youtuber should do like this awareness among people

  • Peter Piper
    Peter Piper

    Keep your bells palsey Shakey Juices..

  • Aced Marathi
    Aced Marathi

    Hello Prajakta !!!!!

  • Mann Ki Shanti / Peace Of Mind
    Mann Ki Shanti / Peace Of Mind


  • Aaparna Askarkar Sharma
    Aaparna Askarkar Sharma

    Thanx praju for such great work

  • Parth Khurana
    Parth Khurana

    Sawaal Saturday-- Are you having a boyfriend........hmmmmmmm😍😍😍. Love your channel and you Dimpal A.K.A Prajakta sis

  • Vedika Mohole
    Vedika Mohole

    Hey P❤️ Where is montu????????? 😭😭 We miss him😢😢 #SawaalSaturday #LoveLove

  • 31komal dhake8a
    31komal dhake8a

    Salute to all doctors and scientists fighting and saving us from corona virus. Thanks praju di for uploding and clearing our doubts #lovelove💜

  • Sibaram Nayak
    Sibaram Nayak

    Hey Didi, I'm going through really a bad time😭. My girlfriend suddenly asking me to give her little space like 2-3yrs after that she'll come back in my life 🥺. Didi seh nhi pa raha hoon yr kya karun😭😭😭. Sometimes feeling like mar jana better hai but phir khud ko samjha leta hoon.. Me uski wait kaise karun 2yrs bataogi kya please 🥺. Me use chodna nhi cahta, uske liye wait karna hai but me reh nhi pa raha hun. Please suggest something 😭😭🙏🥺🙏🥺

  • Salima Begum
    Salima Begum

    Pra di......mujhe aapki video bht matlab bohoti jyada achcha lagta hain......main daily dekhti hoon......and apki song bhi bohot 🔥🔥 ........yaar.....aap bhoti cute ho.......aur aapki smile aur bhi jyada pyara hain ❤️❤️....kash koiyi reply aye 🤞🤞

  • Ashwini RK
    Ashwini RK

    Congratulations Prajakta Very informative video Thank you for making one☺️

  • Debashree Mishra
    Debashree Mishra

    Is rhe vaccine safe for heart patient?? Like for those who got his/her open heart surgery or bypass surgery??

  • gm choudhry
    gm choudhry

    What is your relationship status ?

  • Shaivi Desai
    Shaivi Desai

    I can't tell you how much this has helped me.. I mean seriously.. THANK YOU 😊

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