That One Person! | #RealTalkTuesday | MostlySane
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This video is about that one special person in your life with whom you can share all your secrets, who is that person in your life? Let me know in the comments below

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  • Shilpa Jain
    Shilpa Jain

    Hey prajakta! It's me Nivisha I am dealing with too much stress of family and relationships pleased help me to get out of all this#RealTalkTuesday

  • Sambrama Naik
    Sambrama Naik


  • Vinita Baviskar
    Vinita Baviskar

    You are amazing ❤️

  • Raghavendra Sawant
    Raghavendra Sawant

    It's good to see her happy😊🙏

  • Arvind Patil
    Arvind Patil

    Prajakta Koli you like me you like me I like you FIR kya daddy kya Amma Prajakta Koli you when I open a new channel 😜🤑🤑🤑🤑😜 star Bollywood warriors celebrities my pet name is ALVIN stay with me stay with me baby when the lifestyle goes on really I am not joking we will open a new channel only you and me we are not doing for Sanskrit subscribing the channel each and every languages we will speak and we will write and we will have a long long trip Prajakta Arvind you both will work from ❤️ and harmful struggle if any hard work will be there I am the tourist and over that each and every work I know camera handley news reporter make joke comedy make fun only I need your support ok otherwise you ke you will keep me in pink villa mostly scan pink villa mostly scan keep it you with me in job. I feel shameless for asking money from mummy

  • Ikramul Islam
    Ikramul Islam

    Love u Prajakta❤️

  • Madhu Beck_16
    Madhu Beck_16

    U hv a diamond heart praju di 😍❤️😘🤗😊

  • vijay luxmi gupta
    vijay luxmi gupta

    Hey youuuuuu! Disha here (this is my mom's account and I do follow you from my own account) I just wanted to say that something weird happened to me today and like after lots and lots of weeping I thought to see this random video which actually proved to be magical and yes I do wanna believe people are magical and let's just take the risk cuz why not? I won't say I'm completely over this matter of mine but this video was helpful and thanks alot also your videos are amazing and I mostly like your conversational videos rather than the other ones but hey do actually have a great great vibe! And seriously just don't change and keep helping us. I actually don't comment that often on your videos cuz I think why would you notice mine but I really wanted to tell you this so I did but do admire you as a person and maybe I'll meet you hug you one day, yayyy!lovelove😍

  • 26 Adri Mukherjee
    26 Adri Mukherjee

    Woww...this is what I was telling myself a few mins back..😊❤

  • Miss Kitty
    Miss Kitty

    Aisa bhi hosakta hai na bhi situation ho, thodasa gussa ajaye sunne ke baad and tumhaare judgements saamne waale ko ache lage kyunki he might be feeling like its you the only one who can judge him correctly...hosakta hai na..

  • Shaheli Baidya
    Shaheli Baidya

    Thank you diiiii

  • Joysri Das
    Joysri Das

    Praju di I love ur personality nd hv too much respect for u ❤️

  • Prerna Parmar
    Prerna Parmar

    I was literally remembering that person while watching vedio.... Prejakta di.... Thank you so much for making me realise importance of that person... Love love ❤❤❤

  • sumit chandrasen
    sumit chandrasen

    Thankyou ma'am for sharing. 😃😃

  • R. D. J
    R. D. J

    I love you 😍

  • Jiya Suthar
    Jiya Suthar

    Hiee P!❤️Lots of love from Jiya... Wanna knw how u and vrishak met in detail What products do u use fr ur hairzz shampoo nd everything... Hope u’ll answr my questions #sawaalsaturday

  • priyanka maniyar
    priyanka maniyar

    Being an introvert i can relate how that one person matters alot in life to share stupid brainy thoughts, lucky are those who have one

  • vallavi vaidya
    vallavi vaidya

    Yar u r so cool and just amazing 😍

  • sushmita sarma
    sushmita sarma

    Thanku ❤️

  • Prerna Kandari
    Prerna Kandari

  • Snehal Khandelwal
    Snehal Khandelwal

    lovvvveeed it

  • Mousumi Senapaty
    Mousumi Senapaty

    I was about to share my disturbed mind issues with "that person of my life ".. and I end up watching this video... felt like you just spoke about my situation...

  • Xyz

    People who are friendless pls like😔😔😔😔😔

  • Shreelatha K
    Shreelatha K

    Ohh my goddd.....💜 thank you sooo much ❤️ for this vedio ... love u soooo muchhhh🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘

  • Daksh Maheshwari
    Daksh Maheshwari

    #sawaalsaturday Do you play ukulele? If yes then, from whom do you learning it

  • Super India Live 24Hrs Himachal
    Super India Live 24Hrs Himachal

    1st time I have listen this voice more positively and inner from heart 💖 god bless u ....u made my day whenever I am frustrated I listen u nicely only your voice tone not view bu your voice more positive always .....

    • Rajeev Khanna
      Rajeev Khanna ..

  • Mahak Agrawal
    Mahak Agrawal

    Your real talk Tuesdays are like therapy.. Thankyou for this❤️

  • Bhawna Jain
    Bhawna Jain

    I think prajakta is not getting the amount of support she should get.... Ps i m talking about the subscriber count❤️

  • Purnima Tiwari
    Purnima Tiwari

    Best video ever😊

  • Shivansh Sharma
    Shivansh Sharma

    Hi Praju di. I am Shivansh and these are my first sawalsaturday question. So, the questions are as follows: 1) Which car do you own? 2) What is pishwi? 3)How do you manage your work-life balance?

    • Rajeev Khanna
      Rajeev Khanna

  • Preetha Modi
    Preetha Modi

    Best Real talk Tuesday!!!!!❤❤

  • Lavanya D
    Lavanya D

    You are amazing.. your videos are a go to for anyone who's looking for something positive, something happy.. just wanted to say thanks. And hey congratulations!! 🤗🤗 for being named as one of the world leaders. Sooo proud..

  • Soumya Sudatta Nanda
    Soumya Sudatta Nanda

    it just brightened my day and my mood literally got cheered up thank you so much❤️❤️❤️ Looking forward for more such convos!!!!

    • Rajeev Khanna
      Rajeev Khanna

  • Krupali kahar
    Krupali kahar

    Now i think that i am the luckiest person in the world because i have two besties ❤️ We have each others backs 🥰

  • Swag Purohit
    Swag Purohit

    #sawaalsaturday How can u be so happy all the time ??😂

  • Akanksha Jaiswal
    Akanksha Jaiswal

    I have that one person... 👍👍

  • Rujuta Rode
    Rujuta Rode

    this by far the best real talk video

  • Anuja Deshmukh
    Anuja Deshmukh

    Thank you so much for this video it help me alot to slove my one problem Your the best ✨🦋 Love Love ❤️💜

  • Irene Francis
    Irene Francis

    My best friend just shared this video to me!! I am so very happy. Thankyou ✨She loves you a lot! Love love❤

  • Manisha Rai
    Manisha Rai

    Nepali vauju ❤️

  • its shreita
    its shreita

    Fan kaha hai 🙋‍♂️

    • Krupali kahar
      Krupali kahar


    • Krupali kahar
      Krupali kahar


  • Whimsical Mini
    Whimsical Mini

    I love you ❤️

  • Jayana Shah
    Jayana Shah


  • Sheena Khuthia
    Sheena Khuthia

    Your that person is mostly your delhi cousin di😍😍😍

  • Richa Daniel
    Richa Daniel

    For me this person is My siso ..... are yes true I was thinking of her whole time

  • yog siddhi
    yog siddhi

    Most purest one, thanks for making uus realise


    4 min tak I was like what is the point of this video and 5min tak I was smiling like big and had full of tears in my eyes. Man, that's why we love you so much P. You just prove it sometimes by presenting the simplest things in the world in the simplest way.

  • Aditi Gupta
    Aditi Gupta


  • Sadaf Mujawar
    Sadaf Mujawar

    Prajakata plz make montu video

  • V K
    V K

    Thanks Prajakta ❤️

  • shasvat shukla
    shasvat shukla

    Voice of prajkta dii is as same as kajol mam.

  • Twin Trouble
    Twin Trouble

    Very relatable and fun😚🥰😘 and fun l loved your energy and the way u share these little ideas and make great conversations around them which are so important and we don’t realize them Thank u for those realizations This a real influencer Love love 😍🥰🥰🥰

  • Alwyn Dsouza
    Alwyn Dsouza

    Bhai.. love u. Shayad!? Mmmuuaaahh! *doesn't know what to say*

  • Parul Agarwal
    Parul Agarwal


  • vaishnavi kulkarni
    vaishnavi kulkarni

  • Ruma Paul
    Ruma Paul


  • Raj Sharma
    Raj Sharma

    I love u ❤️ Prajakta

  • Interests'

    Look for that person in urself maybe

  • Study Enigmatically
    Study Enigmatically

    😌you are Right.. make friends and For that we need to put our ego aside..

  • Chahat Hasija
    Chahat Hasija

    Please pick up my question YAAAAR. #SawaalSaturday How are youuuuu, prajakta? Thankyou I'm good because of you. (Iykwim) Would you rather questions here👇 Getting away with lying or Always knowing that someone is lying? Would you go to your job with a piece of letus stucked between your teeth or not be able to brush your teeth before going on a date? Would rather have hiccups for rest of your life or always feel like you have to sneeze but you not able to? Would you rather have a parmanent clown face or parmanent clown clothes? Would you rather smell like eggs when you burp or have a green cloud appear when you fart? Rather Give up bathing for a month or internet for a month? Would you find your turu love or a suitcase w 5crores in it? Would you rather loose all of money and valuables or all of the pictures you've ever taken? Would you rather have explosive diarrhoea or would have a bowl of poop at once? Rather be sticky for rest of your life or itchy for rest of your life? Eat a sandwich dunked in coffee or have a coffee having salt in it? Love from Delhi. - @insane_for_mostlysanee (Mrinalika, chahat)

  • Reshma S
    Reshma S

    Love u yaar ❤

  • Aditi Jadhav
    Aditi Jadhav


  • ajay Amritsar
    ajay Amritsar

    Thanks for advice

  • ajay Amritsar
    ajay Amritsar

    All time

  • ajay Amritsar
    ajay Amritsar

    Love you

  • ajay Amritsar
    ajay Amritsar

    Love you

  • ajay Amritsar
    ajay Amritsar

    Love you

  • ajay Amritsar
    ajay Amritsar

    Love you

  • ajay Amritsar
    ajay Amritsar

    Love you

  • Bristi Das
    Bristi Das

    You know what this video made me so emotional and I don't know I wanna cry...and I just wanna say I Love you ❤️

  • Tejashri Gharat
    Tejashri Gharat

    Thank you ❤

  • Vaibhav Gupta
    Vaibhav Gupta

    That person - Iti tiwari

  • Shalu Chaudhary
    Shalu Chaudhary

    Awwww♥️ u r so pure soul yaar🌚😍🌈🍁

  • Binita kundu
    Binita kundu

    u r so real

  • Srishti Gupta
    Srishti Gupta

    Hello p dii 🌸 I am your big fan Mismatched season 2 ki shooting kbh se start ho rhi hh ? #sawalsaturday

  • Parnavee Khochare
    Parnavee Khochare

    P this was a great video 😍

  • 613-Omkar Bhat
    613-Omkar Bhat

    u r my sister from another mother😂😂😂😁

  • Musical Me
    Musical Me

    Ya i am luckey , i have that person INSIDE ME ,always direct me , always realize me i am wrong or right😍😍😍😍😍

    • Rajeev Khanna
      Rajeev Khanna ..

  • Aarti Shukla
    Aarti Shukla

    Wooohoo I am getting some positive vibes Woohoo thank you somuch

  • shajeb khan
    shajeb khan

    Prajaktas dressing is very very best nd she follow indian culture as well

  • Sushama Dubey
    Sushama Dubey

    Please make a room tour video

  • Kashish Chhabra
    Kashish Chhabra

    Needed this❤️

  • Ashwin Harindran
    Ashwin Harindran

    Vaave miss u

  • Dream Petal
    Dream Petal

    This conversation made my heart genuinely smile, I hope everyone have there that one person and who doesn't have now will have soon AMEN❤🤞

  • swapnal hingane
    swapnal hingane

    Your content is such helpful everytime. Thanks for cheering up everytime with new content ❤

  • Keerthi Biradar
    Keerthi Biradar

    I just love you P❤️

  • Rima Mukherjee
    Rima Mukherjee

    I love you Prajakta.. you are awesome😘😘

  • Rubi Vlogs
    Rubi Vlogs

    Yrr Prajakta u dont even know how relateable you are right now...... i ws going through the same situation for so long nd a few days ago i decided to share everything wd my frnd openly..... nd i regret why i didn't do it before? It was amazing and i feel like now i can accept the things i was ignoring for sooooo long.... because i m not the one who is always wrong... the wrong vibes i was getting but ignoring were damn true... sometimes all we need is someone to be our mirror.. love from Pakistan

  • 15_ Priya Chatlani
    15_ Priya Chatlani


  • Meesam Tmmar
    Meesam Tmmar

    Itna fast ...... but so sweet

  • Rabya Majeed
    Rabya Majeed

    #sawalsaturday Hi prajakta keep it up 👍 From today's topic I want to tell you that right now m dealing with a horrible person and can't understand how to handle them brilliantly

  • Palak Sharma
    Palak Sharma

    Much needed ❤️

  • Sanchi Sonwane
    Sanchi Sonwane

    What if we fall so badly for one person , you think that u have found the one, you think he or she is the perfect , you turn completely blind to their flaws and just embrace their positive traits . But the person doesn't feel the same way or doesn't reciprocate . Even then you can't take this person off your mind the harder you try to forget the more you fall for them ....

  • Lata NP
    Lata NP

    #sawalsaturday - which type of cazan are you 😂❤️ - have you ever googled about yourself ❤️ Please answer I am your huge fan ♥️♥️ Love You Alot P ✌🏻❣️

  • Lata NP
    Lata NP

    #sawalsaturday - which type of cazan are you 😂❤️ - have you ever googled about yourself ❤️ Please answer I am your huge fan ♥️♥️ Love You Alot P ✌🏻❣️

  • Sonal Kujur
    Sonal Kujur

    Heart to heart ✌️

  • Manasvi Patil
    Manasvi Patil

    First time felt like commenting ... just thinking about that and got my answer thank you prajakta dii !!!

  • Day ghost
    Day ghost

    She also mean not only look that person be that person

  • Shabnaz Nisho
    Shabnaz Nisho

    Plssss tell that how did u know that u want to do this or want to choose this career in your life?? @mostlysane

  • Lubna

    U feel like u r in love 😂😂😂

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