Meeting Prajakta From 2015 | 6 Years Of MostlySane
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So I had an interesting chat with Prajakta from 2015, here's how it went!
In The Writers Room
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  • MostlySane

    I don’t believe how different P from 2015 was! But I am proud of her nonetheless. What would you want to tell yourself from 2015?

    • Rudrashis Dutta
      Rudrashis Dutta

      Okkay i need to go back and watch all the videos from 2015 😂😂🤣🤣

    • Sayani Datta
      Sayani Datta

      I jst scrolled to ur 1st vdeo nd 1st comment on dt vdeo!! I dnt think u were too bad!! Actually enjoyed it excpt for the sound quality!! Bt evn dn it was goood 🤩 nd seriously we all are proud f u! Love love @MostlySane! U doing grt job!

    • Mohd. Kamran
      Mohd. Kamran


    • Tumi Etta Kano ?
      Tumi Etta Kano ?


    • Shraddha Kore
      Shraddha Kore

      Joined u 5 years back n proud to be here... U have no clue how much you mean to me.. N u really changed my life.. Keep going girl... Proud of you.. Love from Pune.. ♥️

  • Kunal

    0:45 that background old days yaad aagaye.🥰

  • swizel desa
    swizel desa

    I love uuuuuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺🥺💞💞💞💞😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 Prajakta

  • Roshni Rai
    Roshni Rai

    Idk why but this made me cry. We all loved you, love you and will keep loving you. ❤️

  • GurpreetGaonWala


  • Archurayan Shenage
    Archurayan Shenage

    8:39 😂

  • Lisha Upadhyay
    Lisha Upadhyay

    Prajakta is only one who sell MRI, X RAYS in narrow and just like home delivery 😂😂😂 Acha hai varna cancer aur corona na ki bhi medicines bechte 😂😂

  • Anand Mathur ABM
    Anand Mathur ABM

    A big fan of your presentation skills 👍👍👍

  • Breathe Revolution
    Breathe Revolution

    I love you so much prajakta diiii ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Fezan Khatri
    Fezan Khatri


  • stuti and arnav Bhadoria
    stuti and arnav Bhadoria

    You are the best

  • Annapurna Rajkonwar
    Annapurna Rajkonwar

    She is just so real :( many blessings to Prajakta :)

  • Regina Phelange
    Regina Phelange

    I find praju 2015 ,16 ....21 so cute❤️

  • J Jaxz
    J Jaxz

    much better without make up now..bdw i though she not where famous and celebrity just few days ago , i think she is normal girl i found randomly on internet and when i saw 6 million subs on YT, pfff bangg :( i wish her the best

  • mostlysane_ fanclube__
    mostlysane_ fanclube__

    Ummaaa😘😘...hume toh purani wali bhi acchi lagti thi...or abhi ki praju toh dil hi lekar chali jati h yrr❤️❤️😍😍

  • Tejashree K
    Tejashree K

    You are so funny Prajakta, how do u manage being funny and professional? How do you balance the seriousness of working hard and entertain everyone through your channel? Will you share your ups and downs throughout these 6years?.. Love love ,❤️

  • Aye Khaing
    Aye Khaing

    I like your vedios a lot 💞really very funny and we enjoy it a lot 😇lots of love from Myanmar 💖

  • Minakshi Sharma
    Minakshi Sharma

    She is So proud Love ❤love

  • Book Tuber Studios
    Book Tuber Studios

    I just love you prajakta koli. You are too good now everyone is saying this lovely 😊❤❤❤

  • Med Concepts With Bhavya
    Med Concepts With Bhavya

    More love to you Praju di!!!

  • KerPkd 095
    KerPkd 095

    Btw, Montu is my Fav..😂😂

  • Shut Up
    Shut Up

    12 feb is my bdyyyy❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Asim Makkani
    Asim Makkani

    Love you both....the old Prajikta and now refined Prajikta....keep evolving and keep changing for good

  • Asim Makkani
    Asim Makkani

    Prajikta..... doing psychoanalysis of herself...... cool....I must say you are the best on this platform

  • Pratiksha Gharat
    Pratiksha Gharat

    This is so entertaining yet Inspiring and many Congratulations to you..💐💐

  • Vijaya Shreya
    Vijaya Shreya

    "Chal niraash mat ho yaar"❤ ye line ❤

  • Aritra Chakraborty
    Aritra Chakraborty


  • Ananya Mishra
    Ananya Mishra

    U r doing overacting right now also

  • Sayani Datta
    Sayani Datta

    Favorite video till date 🤣🤣🤣

  • Varija Jayanti
    Varija Jayanti

    I love the perception she have about her past & herself!


    U have alwaysssss been so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I ❤️ U

  • Kundan Meher
    Kundan Meher

    Prajakta much realizations in 2021 But 2015 prajakta was foolish but cutee😘😘🤩🤩

  • Tanisha Rawat
    Tanisha Rawat

    Hey prajkta you were...are ..and will always be amazing😍🌺love you alwyss😇😇

  • Rishabh Chatterjee
    Rishabh Chatterjee

    Now you feel the pain all of us felt watching the videos XD

  • Priyanka Kanhere
    Priyanka Kanhere

    We proud of you ❤️ and one thing I notice and always appreciate from start that your friend in video I guess her name is siddhanchali, she is always there in your past videos and now in this video where you say kon dost ho sakta hai mera and then she appears❤️😅 Acche waqt sab sath hote hai rehena chahte hai pr uss time trust rakh ke video me participate karna support karna is hit different ❤️ lots of love and specially respect for you and for your hard work ❤️ love love❤️😙

  • EntertaineR AbhisheK
    EntertaineR AbhisheK

    I really loved this video so much becoz After watching this , I got a lot of confidence for my journey on INlabel.... 😍😍

  • farzana aslam
    farzana aslam

    I'm proud of you pretty lady 🌸✌️

  • Snigdha Maity
    Snigdha Maity

    Proud of You LOVE❤️


    I just loved your content And yes I love uhhhhh

  • Helen Shahi
    Helen Shahi

    Omg she was too cute in 2015💕✌

  • Shreeja Mukherjee
    Shreeja Mukherjee

    School feast day waali feeling ah gayi last part mein

  • Disha Shah
    Disha Shah

    We all ARE PROUD OF YOU....Love love :))

  • vinit gupta
    vinit gupta

    I think INlabel India will be dead someday because of INlabel like mostlysane she has 6 million subs it means literally this 6 million don't know what is comedy

  • Harshita Bharadwaj
    Harshita Bharadwaj

    The first video I watched was 'types of people in college canteen' and i thought who is she? Doing all this madness, and now I and my fellow friends have been obsessing over that madness for 6 years now! Insane! I indeed am really proud of you! Whatever you have achieved is unmatched and I for sure can say it's just a percentage of what you are going to achieve thought your life! I am very fortunate to know you even a bit. Thank you SO much for being YOU! Love Love ❤️

  • DR.MONALI Life through YOGIS EYES
    DR.MONALI Life through YOGIS EYES


  • Bidhya Giri
    Bidhya Giri

    This lady has come so far I am so proud of her💗💗

  • Nitul Pratap Singh
    Nitul Pratap Singh

    *Nice Old one*

  • Reba Bhowmik
    Reba Bhowmik

    Your are just genius. Hats of


    Funfact 6 years. 6 million 😂😂😂😂

  • Nishtha Deep
    Nishtha Deep

    6 years later, I will again watch this video wih lots of mine memories 🤣❤️

  • Niharika Panda
    Niharika Panda

    I had smile throughout the video watching you. So proud of you❤

  • Mohd. Kamran
    Mohd. Kamran


  • be the genius
    be the genius


  • Anjali Laghate
    Anjali Laghate

    #salwaalsaturday What will Montu and P choose? Vada pav OR Choco lava cake ???

  • Rajani Giri
    Rajani Giri


  • Sachin Sancheti
    Sachin Sancheti

    Many things changed but not 'Love love'😊🥰

  • Rajeev Raysad
    Rajeev Raysad

    She was so thin😅

  • Swinnie Vas
    Swinnie Vas

    I remember I subscribed on your channel for your vlogs. You seemed to be this chilled out girl who hated makeup but loved drama! You have evolved so freaking much! Love love🥰

  • priyanka rout
    priyanka rout

    Love you praju ♥️

  • Neha Kumari
    Neha Kumari

    You were looking so amazing in that kajal and eyeliner 👍👍

  • Hazel Carvalho
    Hazel Carvalho

    Ur brilliant

  • Mariyam Junaidi
    Mariyam Junaidi were always awesome❤👏

  • x

    In this mostlysane became Prajakta again after 6 years 😅

  • x

    Who just laughs till the whole day after watching mostlysane

  • x

    So much success P prajakta to mostlysane 😃❤️

  • Aman Jangid
    Aman Jangid


  • Aman Jangid
    Aman Jangid

  • Monster Gaming
    Monster Gaming

    We miss the old one Prajakta😁😂 Love your videos ❤️ And BYN ke sath collaborate wala videos lao😅 Bcz that was so funny.

  • charismatickarizma

    I had been following you since the time you weren’t that famous , I don’t know but there is some charm in the way u r.. keep going .... u have really come a long way.. Also I noticed earlier you didn’t have face fat☺️

  • Sampada B.
    Sampada B.

    Im crying in the end...I too wanna make myself proud like this😖😖♥️♥️🔥🔥

    • sang625


  • Anushka Patil
    Anushka Patil

    It felt a little weird to watch this video after local wala which was 6ys old😅😅😅 But whatever she is now a superstar🤩🤩

  • Jghdhdh Nvnfhdgs
    Jghdhdh Nvnfhdgs

    Her ring in this 6 years remain same❤

  • Aditi Krishna
    Aditi Krishna

    We love you Prajkata we loved 2015 prajkata we love 2021 prajakta our love is same for both of you

  • Ashlesha Gaikwad
    Ashlesha Gaikwad

    I love you thank you!♥️

  • Prasad barde
    Prasad barde

    Hey it's my moms birthday on12th Feb 😘

  • Mansi Jogi
    Mansi Jogi

    Love Love ❤️

  • chandan pattnayak
    chandan pattnayak

    Kitna cute thi...aap prajakta ..

  • Sutapa Shaw
    Sutapa Shaw

    Proud of you

  • Ritika Parekh
    Ritika Parekh


  • Aditya Patil
    Aditya Patil

    Why don't know feeling like she is in some days wrapping her journey on YT or may be for future P.

  • Naincy Goyal
    Naincy Goyal

    I love you prajakta

  • Aastha Kiri
    Aastha Kiri

    You are the besttttttt!!!!

  • Adeetya Dhal
    Adeetya Dhal

    Didi you are great....😊😊😊😊

  • Khushi


  • Gigi S
    Gigi S

    This was the best vedio ever ....I would like to talk to my past one day time travel

  • CSR-77&M-94


  • SEN Mohashoy
    SEN Mohashoy

    Very unique Idea... It's a must like.... Glad to see you with this kind of thought....

  • Shivangi chakraborty
    Shivangi chakraborty

    I miss the old Prajakta and Montu . Please come back

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar

    love u dear ❤️❤️❤️

  • Zikra channel
    Zikra channel

    It is too funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Vedant Chavan
    Vedant Chavan

    2020 ki prajkta to khud ko roast kar rahi hai😂

  • DR TAGIO kodak
    DR TAGIO kodak

    Didi ab aunty ho gayi.

  • shravan kumar
    shravan kumar

    random : What's special in this video Me : This is life

  • Yashita Damani
    Yashita Damani

    Fr tho you’re too cool now hahah and you look phenomenally good AND LIKE YOURSELF and love thatttt #6yearsand6millionnn and you deserve everything

  • Yashita Damani
    Yashita Damani

    Thinkin’ 😂😭😘😘💖💖💜🙏💫🧚‍♂️😍the n at the endddd

  • Yashita Damani
    Yashita Damani

    Teallly REALLY wanna know how u edited and prepared the sequence and jokes !!!!!!! Love you and your dedication for stuff u love ❤️ been here since day one // really waiting for your reply

  • Jahanvi Bilgi
    Jahanvi Bilgi

    We loved old Prajakta, following u bht time se. ❤️❤️ Lovelove

  • Pradnya Fulzele
    Pradnya Fulzele

    6 years and 6 million subs Hats of to prajakta's hardwork

  • Lata NP
    Lata NP

    #sawalsaturday - how you got the idea to name your channel as mostlysane and fandom name as dumdums, if there is any special reason please tell ❤️❤️ Btw I'm Natasha and I'm you huge fan Love You alot 😘😘

  • Lata NP
    Lata NP

    #sawalsaturday - how you got the idea to name your channel as mostlysane and fandom name as dumdums, if there is any special reason please tell ❤️❤️ Btw I'm Natasha and I'm you huge fan Love You alot 😘😘

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